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Winch shunting TL 8B
  • Winch shunting TL 8B

Winch shunting TL 8B

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Country of manufacture:Russia

Winch shunting TL-8B

it is intended for movement in one direction of railway cars on handling sites of railway warehouses. Replaces a shunting locomotive.
Raising of loads the winch is inadmissible.

The TL-8B winch is calculated for work in the following conditions:
- ambient temperature is from +40 °C to - 40 °C;
- a climatic modification "At" and "T", the category "2" in accordance with GOST 15150-69;
- working situation - fastening on a horizontal site;
- the operating mode is average;
Winch service life - 7 years.

At the request of the customer the winch can be completed with electric equipment in the dust-ignition-proof construction according to GOST 12.2.020-76.
Shipment is carried out automobile or by rail.
The producer guarantees compliance of an electric winch to requirements of the existing technical documentation and no-failure operation during a warranty period, on condition of observance by the consumer of service regulations, transportation, storage and mounting.

Technical datas of the TL-8B winch:

Characteristics TL-8B
Towing capacity, kgf
on the main drum 5000
on an auxiliary drum 500
Speed of coiling of a rope on the 1st layer (at current of 50 Hz), m/s
on the main drum 0,035
on an auxiliary drum 0,38
The mass of a load in the moved cars, tons 315
Rope capacity of a drum, m
on the main drum 220
on an auxiliary drum 230
Electric motor power at PV of 40%, kW 3,2
Diameter of a rope, mm
on the main drum 22,5
on an auxiliary drum 6,9
Reducer TS2U-315N
Transfer number of a reducer 25
Reducer TS2U-160
Transfer number of a reducer 31,5
Winch weight without rope, kg 1200
Dimensions, mm 1534×1545×925

Leading dimensions of an electric winch of TL-8B:

  Structure of the winch:
1 - Frame;
2 - The drum is auxiliary;
3 - Installation of starting electrical accessories;
4 - The tape is brake;
5 - Cam sleeve;
6 - The tape is brake;
7 - Drum assembled;
8 - Roller;
9 - Coupling;
10 - Gear wheel;
11 - Bearing housing;
12 - Gear wheel;
13 - Electric motor;
14 - Ts2U-315N reducer;
15 - Ts2U-160 reducer;
16 - Bearing 161
Country of manufacture:Russia
Type of drive:Electric
Pull: 5000 N·m
Winch pulling force: 50000 kg
Type of winch:Shunting
Information is up-to-date: 17.12.2018
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